Message from your Class of 1970 Reunion Committee


Hang in there with us, the weekend will come that we can all get together. 

We are seeing promise on properties opening up and more people being vaccinated, many hotels and event venues in South Florida are still restricting the number of people who can gather in ballrooms and are taking extraordinary measures for banquet seating, serving meals, and providing dance floors.  Everyone on our recent Zoom call preferred to wait until 2022 when all restrictions are hopefully eliminated and all our classmates are more comfortable traveling and gathering. 

We want to see if May 2022 or October 2022 dates are preferred so we have issued a very short, 4-question survey regarding future dates and well as continued interest in participating in our quarterly reunion calls. The survey should take less than 3 minutes and your response helps us make this an event of our lifetime.  We will keep the survey open for 2 weeks – please respond by May 9th.

We are always grateful to hear your opinions, email Rick Grimm at with any questions or comments.

Cancellations and Refunds


We are happy to report that only few of our classmates needed to cancel their participation. If you need to cancel your registration for the Reunion, please send a short email to Rick Grimm at

If you want to have your fees refunded, please note two conditions:

  • If you registered before February 1, 2020 and received the early registration discount, please understand that, if you decide to re-register for the Reunion, you will pay the regular registration fees.

  • If we refund your fees now, we will deduct 5% of the fee to cover our administrative costs (credit card merchant fees, website maintenance, bank fees).  The remainder of the payment made will be refunded, via check.  If you have any further questions, please contact us via or

Help us get the word out

Registration will remain open and we can us your help to let alumni know about these new plans and register for the event.  Please share this news with your MHS friends – and send us their contact information so we can keep them apprised as news unfolds.

Stingarees lived through pandemics beginning with the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu.  Let’s all unite together to do our part to make everyone as safe as possible. Please reach out and help each other when you can. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and if something changes that will impact our reunion in October, we will communicate that to you. 

Your MHS Class of 1970 Reunion Committee