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Welcome Stingarees


As of 1970, it has only been 50 years since we all graduated.  Unfortunately, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has keep us physically apart. 

A couple of weeks ago,we hosted another great Zoom reunion.  While we are seeing promise on properties opening up and more people being vaccinated, many hotels and event venues in South Florida are still restricting the number of people who can gather in ballrooms and are taking extraordinary measures for banquet seating, serving meals, and providing dance floors.

Everyone on our Zoom call preferred to wait until 2022 when all restrictions are hopefully eliminated and all our classmates are more comfortable traveling and gathering.  Many of us will turn 70 years old in 2022 so, perhaps, a new theme for our 1970 reunion could be ‘70 at 70’.


If you hung out out with some of us, even if you didn't graduate in 1970 or from MHS, you are welcome.   We might make fun of Coral Gables Cavaliers, because...well, you know.  Check out the "Who's Going" page and encourage your buds to sign up too to enhance your experience.

We are keeping our Website, communications, and bank accounts open and these activities require minimal expenses.  Therefore, we are not automatically refunding registration fees. If you want to have your fees refunded, please note two conditions:


  • If you registered before February 1, 2020 and received the early registration discount, please understand that, if you decide to re-register for the Reunion, you will pay the regular registration fees.

  • If we refund your fees now, we will deduct 5% of the fee to cover our administrative costs (credit card merchant fees, website maintenance, bank fees).

There is no set deadline for cancelling your registration.  You can request a refund anytime based on the conditions above by sending an email to Rick Grimm at


Continued Connections Via Virtual Reunions

We will keep the Stingaree Spirit alive and well by hosting virtual reunions via Zoom.  Your do NOT need to be registered for the Reunion to attend.  All 1970 classmates are invited.   About 3 weeks before the next virtual reunion, we will ask that you register for the event.  This ensures us that the event is secured for our group only.  Two days before the event, registered attendees will receive login instructions.  Please send an email to Rick Grimm at if you are not already on our distribution list.


Register as a member of this website (click on "More" if on a computer or on the three bars top right on your phone) so that we can stay in touch.  Once registered, you can start contribution to our forums.   Come on, you know you have loads of stories to tell, pictures to share, and friends to reconnect with.


If you want to just contact us, you can do so below.  Or contact Rick Grimm at

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